Some properties of COMP

By X-Bar theory, COMP is the head of CP.

(a) COMP is always specified for [WH], and may (but need not) be filled by a word.

(b) The complement of COMP is IP.

(c) Particular COMP elements select particular types of IPs:

(i) that ([-WH]) selects [+Tense] IP:
think that [Anne has bought a car]
(ii) for ([-WH]) selects [-Tense] IP:
wait for [Anne to buy a car]
(iii) whether ([+WH]) selects [+Tense] or [-Tense] IP:
wonder whether [Anne has bought a car]
wonder whether [to buy a car]
(iv) if ([+WH]) selects [+Tense] IP

Example: that as COMP
Anne said that she would buy a car.

Exercises on properties of COMP