Syntactic tests 1

Look at the examples below and name
(i) the constituent test that has been applied
(ii) the constituent that has been identified with the help of the test
(iii) the category of the constituent.

Example: He has a cat. vs. He has a cat and a dog.

(i) constituent test: coordination test
(ii) constituent: a cat
(iii) category: NP (DP)

a) They say he's extremely intelligent, and so he may be. (:vips 10577:) (:vips 10580:)

b) Who were you ringing up? - My sister. (:vips 10581:)

Source of the picture:

(:vips 10582:)

c) She's in the kitchen. vs. She's in the kitchen or in the bathroom. (:vips 10583:) (:vips 10584:)

d) John won't help me with the dishes, but his brother will. (:vips 10585:) (:vips 10586:)

e) An old lady carrying a shopping bag got off the bus. vs. Off the bus got an old lady carrying a shopping bag. (:vips 10587:) (:vips 10588:)

f) I really enjoy my coffee for breakfast. vs. * I really enjoy for breakfast my coffee. (:vips 10589:) (:vips 10590:)

g) John owns an expensive appartment in New York. vs. John owns an expensive appartment. vs. * John owns in New York. (:vips 10591:) (:vips 10592:)