'Syntactic Theory'''


General characteristics:

  • Determiners are functional words at the left of a noun phrase, i.e. they occur in environments such as __ student(s) called., Pat wondered about __ student(s).


  • Articles: a(n), the
  • Demonstratives: this/these, that/those
  • Quantifiers:
    • simple quantifiers: all, much, some, few, little
    • complex quantifiers: a couple, a few, a great deal of, lots of, not any, hardly any
  • Numerals: two

Combinatorial properties of the subclasses:

  • Quant Art: all the students
  • Art Quant: the few students
  • *Art Art: *that a student
  • Quant Quant: only some few is possible

Kaplan, Jeffrey P. (1989): English Grammar - Principles and Facts (2nd edition). New Jersey.

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