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Hermann Paul (1846-1921)


  • German linguistics and literature

Research Interests

  • the subject of spoken and written language “Mundart und Schriftsprache”

Notable Ideas

  • Sentences as the sum of their parts (they arise sequentially from individual associations, linked together in a linear form)

Academic Life

Hermann Otto Theodor Paul was a German linguist and lexicographer. He was professor for German language and literature in Freiburg in the Breisgau as well as Munich, and he was a prominent Neogrammarian.

Hermann Paul managed to produce a number of important, scholarly works. His schooldays passion for Old High German literature and above all, Middle High German literature lead to the publication of a collection of Middle High German literary pieces as well as the compilation of his work on Middle High German grammar, which first appeared in Halle in 1881. Even today this particular contribution is regarded as one of the classic texts of medieval studies.

Main Publications

  • Paul, Hermann (1880). Prinzipien der Sprachgeschichte (Halle: Max Niemeyer, 1st ed. 1880), translated into English: Paul, Hermann (1970). Principles of the History of Language, translated from 2nd edition by H.A. Strong. College Park: McGroth Publishing Company.
  • Paul, Hermann (1891–1893). Grundriß der germanischen Philologie. 2 Bände, Herausgeber, Strassburg.
  • Paul, Hermann (1916–1920). Deutsche Grammatik. 5 Bände, Halle.
  • Paul, Hermann (1920). Über Aufgabe und Methode der Geschichtswissenschaften. Berlin u. Leipzig.
  • Paul, Hermann (1921). Über Sprachunterricht. Halle 1921.

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