Simon Dik (1940-1995)


  • Language and context

Research Interests

  • Functional Grammar

Notable Ideas

  • the theory of Functional Grammar


Simon Dik was a Dutch linguist, most famous for developing the theory of Functional Grammar. He occupied the chair of General Linguistics at University of Amsterdam between 1969 and 1994.

Contribution to Linguistics

He developed the theory of Functional Grammar, the foundations for which had been laid in his 1968 dissertation on coordination.

The second part of his work, The Theory of Functional Grammar, was published posthumously in 1997.

Main Publications

  • Coordination: Its Implications for the Theory of General Linguistics. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company, 1968.

  • The Theory of Functional Grammar (Part I: The Structure of the clause), 1989 .

  • The Theory of Functional Grammar (Part II: Complex and Derived Constructions), 1997.

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