Theory, Model, Method

Distinctions longitudinal versus cross-sectional studies and qualitative versus quantitative analysis

1. Determine whether the following research pojects are examples of longitudinal or cross-sectional studies, and whether a qualitative or quantitative analysis is carried out.

a) The rate at which ten pre-school children expand their productive vocabulary is measured over a period of two years. (:vips 7355:)

b) The type of grammatical errors produced by second language learners of English after one year of foreign language teaching is collected by making one-hour recordings of classroom interaction at ten different schools. (:vips 7356:)

2. Which methods are suitable in order to investigate the following research questions?

a) Is there a gender difference (i.e. male speakers vs. female speakers) in the rate at which swear words are used? (:vips 7357:)

b) What are the typical features of a German accent in second language learners' English? (:vips 7358:)